CSAVI Vision

The Complex Systems Analytics and Visualization Institute (CSAVI) is a nationally competitive scientific research institute that brings together academic partners, industry partners, and federal and state transportation agencies with the cohesive mission of furthering research in complex mobility systems, big data analytics, and visualization for connected mobility systems enabled by connectivity between vehicle and infrastructure elements. CSAVI serves to perform leading interdisciplinary research to drive continuous innovation through knowledge sharing among partners leading to invention and commercialization of decision support technologies for connected mobility systems.
CSAVI is a Commission on Higher Education state-approved institute of South Carolina and reports to the Vice President for Research of Clemson University.

Institute Focus Areas

Connected Mobility Systems:

Transportation, mobility and information infrastructure systems are interconnected in ways never before imagined. The backbone of future transportation systems is a massive information infrastructure that supports collection, archiving, processing and distribution of data. This distributed information infrastructure must operate under real-time constraints, have low probability of failure, and be resilient during the emergency events. CSAVI provides expertise for complex systems analytics and big data processing, of connected mobility systems data. CSAVI is complementary to CELDI by providing advanced support for heterogeneous sources, data fusion, and scalable data systems.

Big Data Systems and Analytics:

CSAVI provides expertise for advanced modeling using simulation and statistical techniques together with advanced visualization methods, tools, and technologies to evaluate connected vehicle applications and mobility systems. CSAVI visualization augments research capability across a wide range of domain problems including safety, mobility and environmental applications of connected transportation systems. CSAVI employs full time software development professionals who provide expertise and services for paid projects. CSAVI will match projects and programming staff on an on-going basis. Employment and research experience opportunities are available for students.